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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year in Review 2011

Happy New Year!

2011 will go down as the first year I recorded my plays on BGG!

Games Played by Month

    January       106
    February       98   
    March           38   
    April             46   
    May              25   
    June              34   
    July               57   
    August          67   
    September     25   
    October         11
    November      8   
    December     32

Total:         547

January and February are the times when TotalCon and TempleCon happen, and obviously August is the WBC.

Top 5 Most Played:

    Dominion       61
    Brass              51
    Puerto Rico    43
    Stone Age      33
    Power Grid    29

You might notice that all of these games exist on Bretspielwelt... I went through a heavy Dominion phase there, and I was really happy they brought Puerto Rico back to it.

Best New Games from 2011

No Retreat! - simple, elegent, yet not simplistic. A great wargame I'd love to play a lot more.
Navegador - I love the market in this game, where players can affect the market in both directions. A game that definitely has different paths to victory, and probably my favorite art in any boardgame. (Although the new reprint of 1830 is excellent as well!)
Troyes - played this on two separate occasions months apart, still contemplating a purchase. I also love the art in this game!

Biggest Comeback Games

After playing into the semifinals of Agricola at the WBC, I found a new appreciation for the game and have been eager to play it a ton. I'm excited to have found the online site which has asynchronous play there. If anyone wants to start up a game with me, let me know and I'll get people together.

I finally decided to give Through the Ages another chance as well, and am seeing what it is people love about it.

Biggest Surprise

Somehow I only played Twilight Struggle 11 times in 2011, and not a single game of Combat Commander, despite getting the first Pacific expansion and recent the Resistance boxed set.

Finally Got to Play Awards
Indonesia - I'd been waiting to play this forever, and finally played it at Eric's twice in two days. I liked it but didn't love it, and wish it was easier to get and a little easier on the eyes. I guess I feel like I'd rather play 1830 or 1856.

Battlestar Galactica - while I don't love the idea of a co-op game, this one really delivered. Having just watched the whole series didn't hurt!

Vegas Showdown - it's true, I love auction games! Why does this have to be a cheaply produced Hasbro game?

In the Year of the Dragon - finally snuck this one in before the end of the year. I definitely enjoyed it! Surprised that I never see people playing this at WBC.

Disappointments of the Year

Merkator - beautifully produced but something about it just seemed soulless.

Urban Sprawl - the chaos in this game is unacceptable. And this coming from a lover of Combat Commander.

Fighting Formations - I liked it but expected to love it. Too fiddly and seemed to be too tough for the Russian in most scenarios.

Game I Most Regretted Playing

Rallyman - I'm not going to say anything about this one because I like it so little.

Games I Wished I Had Played

Ardennes '44 - I love this game and would love to play it a few times in a row to get to know it better.

Combat Commander - as mentioned earlier!

War of the Ring - I need to give that game more love... and it just got reprinted!

Steam - how could I not have played this once?

Hammer of the Scots

Macao - I liked this in 2011... surprised I never played it again.

Friedrich/Maria - someday, I will play these...

Kingsburg - I see people play it all the time, and yet, I haven't.

Rommel in the Desert - someday I will get to this classic!

WBC Summary

I made the most semifinals I've ever made at 6, but could only play in 5 of them. (Power Grid, Le Havre, Brass, Princes of Glorence, Agricola, Caylus) I really wanted to make 2 finals for the first time, but it wasn't in the cards, and I only made it to the finals of Power Grid and came in 5th. My goal is to someday be in two finals in one year or finally win a tournament. I'm clearly good enough at games to make it to the semis of any game I put some work into, but I'm not in that top tier of players yet.

Wargame Summary

With GBGers this year: I played Twilight Struggle with Asher, Napoleon at Waterloo with Eric, Fighting Formations with Marty, Europe Engulfed with Andy Y., Labyrinth with Andy L. and Marty x2, Wilderness War with Marty, Saratoga with Andy, Paths of Glory with Eric, Napoleonic Wars with Marty, Dirk, Tom and Rob, No Retreat with Andy L.

2011 was a great year for gaming. I probably leaned more towards Eurogames this year, but 2012 will be the first year I finally go to WAM!

I'm looking forward to another year of great games and fun times with friends!