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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December Update

Ouch, I have committed the sin I had hoped to avoid - ignoring my blog for far too long!

My fall has been very busy with working and exercising, but there is a lot of exciting gaming coming up. I should be able to get quite a bit in during winter break.

Most of my gaming has been my PBEM games. Here's what I've had going on:

Twilight Struggle Ladder: I'm in my third game in the ladder, and this time I'm the Americans again. We're going into turn 8 now, and I'm behind on VPs with -13, but my board position is pretty decent as long as I don't lose to Wargames. It should be an exciting finish!


Washington's War Ladder: This league just started up, and I jumped right in. I have the Americans in this game too, but I'm getting thoroughly crushed after the first 4 turns. The Congress got dispersed, but he hasn't really moved much - just out pointed me. I just added them up and he has a 50-41 advantage in Ops on me, plus the ones I lost when I couldn't do anything with Congress dispersed. This is going to be a good chance to see if I can figure out a way to break back into the game after a bad start.

Through the Ages: I'm giving this game another chance, despite the minor issues I have with it. There's definitely something I don't understand about what it takes to win. I got to play one game with Bronwen and Rich S., and one game with Patrick and Tom, and got crushed in both. Patrick and Tom convinced me to get into the online website for the game, which is quite fun. I got destroyed by them again, and hopefully learned something from it. I'm still playing another game with two people randomly, and I got the Michaelangelo-Hanging Gardens combo I've won with in the past. I'm curious to see if I can win again with it.

Agricola: I discovered a website for asynchronous Agricola play, which is awesome. I'm playing a game with two random people, and played a 2 player with Bronwen. If you like the game, you need to check this out: I took Bronwen out, and have an interesting game going where I'm doing grain and veggies after getting the Seasonal Worker out. (get a grain when you take Day Laborer)

I'm also playing three Brass games online as well, which is always great. I'm in a bit of a funk and not doing as well as usual in those games. I can win at Brass when things generally go my way, but when the luck is a little off, I can't quite overcome it yet.


Also coming up soon: TempleCon (Feb. 3-5) and TotalCon (Feb. 23-26)!!!


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