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Monday, May 16, 2011

General Gaming Update

I just thought I would give a general update of the games I've been playing lately, and some thoughts about them:

Imperial: I've played this a few more times, most recently in real life yesterday after a couple of games online. I won the game yesterday with scores that were about 147-146-144-133, but unlike a lot of other games, I have no idea how I won or what lead me to win. This is a pretty strange sensation!

Caylus: I played a game online, and there's definitely one thing I either haven't figured out yet or I don't like about Caylus. It seems that whoever gets out the first stone production building almost always wins, and even more so if they get out two of the three. This makes the last 2/3rds of the game seem somewhat pointless. Is there a way to fight back once that happens?

Brass: Either I'm finally getting a little bit better at Brass, or I am finally getting a little bit of luck at it. I've won two games out of my last four completed games online. I am having much more success by starting with coal and iron, while developing and putting out ports. In one of my wins I finally found the time and money to develop and play shipyards, which is something I definitely needed to try out.

Fighting Formations: I've played the first five scenarios - the learning scenario 0, and scenarios 1 through 4. Scenario 2 is a mini-monster, and we didn't quite finish it, but we had a general sense of who was winning. Overall I really like the game, but not nearly as much as Combat Commander. I'll probably write a review for this at some point.

Puerto Rico: I played a game of this online with some of the expansion buildings and got crushed because I decided to fool around and built a Church earlier than I should have, while the other players colluded on craftsman-captain.

I really want to play more Automobile and Age of Steam in the next month or so, and I hope to finally get in a game or three of Napoleon's Triumph...



  1. I've only played with the Church once, but I managed to pull off a win by filling up my city while everyone else attempt to use the standard factory stategy augmented with the gatehouse. I think that's the only time I've won by filling up the city.

  2. I've read/heard that the Church can be powerful, so I've been looking for opportunities to play it. It seems good when you have built the building that lets people sell cubes for 6, so the game has high money - which means you can go to both for free after people have passed, or you will often get rent from both.