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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

General Gaming Update

I wrote this post before the one before it, but forgot to post it:

Here's a general update of some gaming I've done recently.

I played a very fast-paced game of Puerto Rico with 3 of the seniors at the school. It's amazing how fast you can get this game done in when all the players know the rules and play pretty swiftly. Somehow I always get shoehorned into being a builder in Puerto Rico... I thought I was in really good shape in this game, and didn't put a lot of thought into who had how many points. I got a somewhat early factory but didn't have a lot of goods production, so it worked out moderately well. I was the first person to produce and sell coffee as well. I got a Harbor not too long after all of that, but somehow it didn't really get me all that much. I ended up getting both Guild Hall and City Hall, and manned them both, but Ben on my right had 26 points in VP chips! I think the final score was something like 52-46-36-34, with me in second.

I've played Imperial a few more times online. I'm at the point that I need to play face-to-face a couple of times so I can process what's going on a bit more. In my most recent game, I got truly trounced, as I had control of Austria while Russia ran away with it. I never really even thought about attacking Russia, but that was probably what I needed to do. I was too focused on trying to think about what to invest in.


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