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Friday, April 8, 2011

Age of Industry Thoughts

Last night we went over to Andy's for some eurogaming - he and Tom continued with their monster ASL Stalingrad, which looks pretty crazy. I ended up playing Age of Industry with my wife, Rob, Chris, and Jim. Rob and Chris had played before, but since the rest of us hadn't we went through the rules carefully to make sure everyone was comfortable with the game. I'd be waiting to try this for a while since the billing was "a streamlined Brass", but I was worried learning two similar games would interfere with my ability to remember or understand either. Luckily, I don't think that's going to end up being the case. We played the New England map, which was supposedly a little more difficult. (The other side is Germany.)

The rules were pretty clear, with a few major differences from Brass, for those of you who know Brass:

- no canal phase
- you get points for your tiles even if they aren't flipped
- some of the actions don't require discarding a card, and one of the actions is to draw two cards

I agreed with Andy's earlier assessment that the scoring system and the mechanics lead to a tighter, more forgiving game. I think I prefer the depth and brutal nature of Brass.

Also, I felt like I had more options in Brass because of the 8 card hand you have every turn, as opposed to Age of Industry's 6 cards to start, but then use an action to draw two cards.


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