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Friday, April 1, 2011

Welcome to the BBG Blog...

This blog is going to be dedicated to one of my top interests, boardgames. My interest covers all kinds of  gaming, including but not limited to strategy games, war games, and card games. The blog will include  reviews, session reports, and strategy musings.

I figured to kick it off, I would start with a list of some of my top favorite games in the European strategy game genre, with some rationale. If you haven't  played these, I highly recommend them!

Strategy Games

Puerto Rico - has a lot of depth for a short play time, Puerto Rico's role choosing mechanism means that you have very little downtime and a lot of meaningful decisions. The chaos created by the other players' decisions makes the game replayable.

Power Grid - my favorite game with an auction component, Power Grid's mix of auction, market forces and interacting with a network on a map makes it extremely compelling with pretty simple rules. In addition, the expansion maps have done a nice job of altering the rules to give the game more variation. Definitely best with 5 players.

Agricola - placing workers and resource management, with replayability added by cards. I do extremely differently each game. Sometimes I have way more points than I expected, and other times I crash and burn. I really need more experience with this game.

Brass - I'm hooked on this game again after discovering the online implementation. It's an interactive puzzle where you can react to what other players aren't doing - the implicit collaboration while also trying to compete makes this game fascinating.

Caylus - The classic worker placement game, it's probably my favorite game to be played with 3 players. There are a lot of ways the game can play out based on what buildings the players choose to create. The only flaw is that the bonus rewards tracks seem a little out of balance. (The cube one seems way less useful while the building track seems too good.)

I'll probably be talking about my experiences with playing Brass online in my next post.


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