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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Caylus Session

I played an interesting game of Caylus online last night, with three players. One of the players built a lot of wood production buildings super fast, while I tried my most common approach - get an early cloth and use the joust field to advance up the building track. I am often able to get two of the three stone production buildings out, one via the joust field later and one via the reward for building in the castle.

On one of the early turns, the third player moved the provost back with the action, then paid three more coins to move it back even further. I never feel like this kind of move is worth it, but it definitely slowed the game down, and before I knew it the first phase was over and I hadn't even built any castle. I guess it worked out fine, because you can't go below zero points!

The guy with the wood buildings was up 15-20 points early on, and he made a very interesting play I had never seen before. The provost and bailiff were five spots away from the gold mine, and he grabbed the provost moving action, moved it three spots, and was the last to pass. Since we were short on money, neither me nor the other player could pay the 2 to keep him from paying 2 to get a gold. I'm not sure if it was worth it for him, but it was unique.

The third player managed to build one of the stone production buildings, but the leader got the Church out. I picked first turn order at good spots, and managed to get more cubes overall. This let me start getting some more favors by building in the castle a few times, and I got one of the stone production buildings out.

The best part of the game was that in the last turn, I had built up so many cubes that I built seven batches! I've never even come close to building that many at one time, before! I was so proud that I took a picture, which I will add to this post later on, since it's on my other computer. Between the 21 points, I got from that, and the 25 from building the cathedral, the final score was close.... I came in second by a score of 99-96.

I'm the blue player in the picture. Apparently I didn't mean church earlier, I meant the blue building that gives two favors.


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